Education Finance

Higher Education Finance

Over the past five years, Rice Financial has provided underwriting services on more than 50 higher education transactions totaling $8.3 billion. We have senior managed transactions for:

  • The Dormitory Authority of the State of New York ($1.8 billion)
  • Hampton University, VA ($115 million)
  • Houston Community College, TX ($42 million)
  • Morehouse College, GA ($45 million)
  • City Colleges of Chicago, IL ($39 million)
  • Kern Community College District, CA ($27 million)
  • West Hills Community College District, CA ($12 million)
  • Sullivan County Community College, NY ($4 million)

Rice Financial is also proud to serve the U.S. Department of Education as the Designated Bonding Authority for its Historically Black College and University (HBCU) Capital Financing Program. The subsidiary Rice created to act in this role, Rice Capital Access Program, has closed loans for both public and private HBCU institutions since 2009 totaling $1.6 billion, helping HBCUs refinance outstanding debt and secure needed funding for new projects at very competitive rates.

K-12 Finance

In the past five years, Rice Financial has provided underwriting or financial advisory services on 85 school district and private school financings totaling $9.4 billion, including senior managed transactions for:

  • Toledo City Public Schools, OH ($32 million)
  • Jackson Public Schools, MS ($36 million)

Our co-senior managed experience over the past five years includes:

  • Friendship Public Charter School, DC ($36 million)
  • Chicago Public Schools, IL ($402 million)

Since 2010, Rice Financial has also served the Houston Independent School District (TX) as financial advisor on nine transactions totaling $1.5 billion. We served Houston ISD as financial advisor for 23 years.

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